• Not Going Back

    Building Community, Resilience, and Power

    in the Wake of the Trump Presidency


    An Inauguration Day event at The New School

    University Center, 63 Fifth Avenue, NYC

    10 a.m. - 6 p.m.


    FREE and open to the Public.

  • "Not Going Back" Online Schedule available here

    The who, what, where and when of it. . .

  • How will you spend Inauguration Day?

    Let us come together to build, plan, dream, resist.

    Come to The New School for “NOT GOING BACK: Building Community, Resilience, and Power in the Wake of the Trump Presidency.”


    It’s a gathering of those committed to learning more about how to do their part in advocating for social justice and resisting the potential rollback of civil and human rights . . .and it’s happening throughout University Center (5th Avenue & 13th Street) at The New School from 10 am - 6 pm. The event is FREE and open to the public (please bring photo ID for access to the University Center)

      We gather on Inauguration Day to make it plain that we will not stand idly by and watch communities disrespected or abused. We will not consent to restrictions on human and civil rights.

      We will not allow the United States to become further isolated in the global community.

      We will not be overwhelmed by the challenges ahead.

      We are not going back.


    • Beyond the “Teach-In…”

      Building on the strengths of the “teach-in” model - and inspired by the work of the BUFU collective of New School students and alums - "Not Going Back" is organized around four types of interventions

      (sessions listed are only some of those offered) :


      Historical & Cultural Context/

      Learning as we Build...

      Concise multidisciplinary insights that can be used to inform and guide action.

      Learn about environmental justice movements (past and present),international youth movements, human rights, consumer activism, mass incarceration and grassroots organizing theory . . .


      Practical Knowledge

      and Skill-Building

      What you need to know to survive & thrive in the light of the coming changes...

      Lobbying 101, Tenants' Rights, Hacking Capitalism/Ethical Money Management, Active Listening

      Strategic Advocacy

      Specific guidance and manageable “next steps” in support of organizing efforts of directly affected groups.

      Lobbying 101, CopWatch training, info on how to best work with local politicians. . .

      Self-care and healing spaces

      The basis for sustainable social justice organizing and political action.

      Yoga, reflective writing and theater workshops, meditation, and other training that will encourage the healing and self-care that is so vital to successful attempts to organize

      and build community.

    • Get the skills and knowledge you need...

      Selected workshops listed...link to full schedule below

      • Hacking Capitalism: Divesting, Debt & Ethical Money Management
      • Radical Relaxation: Assisted Savasana
      • Readings of Compassion and Resistance: A Community Open-Mic
      • Know Your Rights: What to Do If You’re Stopped By the Police
      • Theatre of the Oppressed: Organizing On-Stage and Off
      • Know Your Rights: Digital Privacy in the 21st Century
      • Lobbying 101
      • Structural Oppression
      • Beyond Beautifying: Using Design to Envision Our Futures
      • Reversing the School to Prison Pipeline during a Trump Presidency
      • Resistance Through Writing
      • White Man Teaching: Confronting Race in a Segregated Schools
      • How to Organize 1-on-1
      • Visioning for Black Lives Under Trump
      • Tenant's Rights in the Age of Trump
      • Snapshots of Activism at the New School
      • Art for Protest!
      • Where Do We Go From Here? Race in a Collective Future
      • Digital Self-Defense in the Time of Trump
      • Active Listening
      • Trumpism and White Nationalism in the Post-Civil Rights U.S.
      • Boycotts as Act of Engagement
      • Self Care and Radical Openness
      • Creating a Healing Space through Mindfulness and Meditation
      • Writing the Self: Our Stories, Healing and Magic for Change
      • Staying Engaged: Political Consumerism and Activism
      • From Slavery to the Prison Industrial Complex
    • Planning to Join Us? Register here.

      Register below or at NotGoingBack.eventbrite.com

    • Suggest/Propose a Workshop or Session

      "Not Going Back" is coordinated through Social Justice Initiatives at The New School, but it is built by all of us.

    • Want to know more...

      Check out this short slide show with more info on the event.

    • Friday, January 20th. Join Us Here.

      (The University Center at The New School is easily accessible by public transport.)

    • Let's Make This Happen

      Are you in? There is a lot to do make this work. Here's more ways you can help. . .

      Co-sponsor / Collaborate

      Departments & local organizations can co-sponsor. . .

      Volunteer / Work the Event

      Help us the day of the event. . .

      Spread the Word. . .

      Signal boost the event on your networks...


      Reach out to the Social Justice Initiatives Office at the New School at socialjustice [at]newschool.edu